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Climate Smart Agriculture & Gender Inclusion

Ebigendererwa by’okuyiga

  • Help you understand the climate change impacts on agriculture, food security and food systems.
  • Provide you with an overview of the main climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in agriculture.
  • Introduce to you the Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) approach and the various practices available.
  • It will describe for you the step to implement it.
  • The concept of climate change adaptation and mitigation and the related strategies that could be put in place in agriculture.
  • It will help you understand why Gender inclusion is part of Green Growth and how to contribute to Gender Inclusivity.

Enteekateeka y'okuyiga

Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) is about:

  • Identifying production systems that best respond to the impacts of climate change.
  • Adjusting these system to the local environment where we operate.
  • Transforming agricultural systems to support sustainable development & food security.
  • Increasing sustainable production, incomes.
  • And reducing green gas emissions.

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Enrolled: 21 students
Duration: Essaawa 2
Lectures: 9
Video: Eddakiika 10
Level: Beginner