Crop Economics

The Crop Advisor Trainer (CAT) Certification Program is designed and developed for external key partners such as extension workers from local government unit or private organization, farmers or students who wish to acquire more technical knowledge in vegetable production.

At the end of the program, you will gain deeper knowledge on vegetable production relevant to support your farmers in your country or in implementing your own vegetable farm. The self-paced online program runs for 13 weeks and consist of 31 modules in crop economics, crop production, crop environment and crop protection.

Importance of Planning in Vegetable Production
5 minutes
Cost Planning and Decision Making in Vegetable Production
5 minutes
Choosing a Crop and Variety to Plant
5 minutes


Crop Economics Quiz
8 questions

Spend less than 10 minutes answering these questions about you have understood from the lesson and you will immediately see your overall score.

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Enrolled: 1422 students
Duration: 1 hour
Lectures: 3
Video: 5 minutes
Level: Beginner