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Pwony apapat

Agribusinesses include farms and off-farm enterprises that produce and distribute farm inputs and those that assemble, store, process, and distribu...
28 Lectures
2 hours
The cause and necessity of cooperatives is the specific market position of the individual small farmer within the supply chain of agricultural prod...
17 Lectures
2 hours
Being financial literate as a manager of a Farmer Based Organization (FBO) is important. Being able to share your knowledge with other members is e...
28 Lectures
Financial literacy is all about solutions to our daily financial problems. Financial literacy is about planning, managing, and using our money wise...
18 Lectures
Dakika 45


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Dul tic ame tiyo kede opur, onyo opur romo nwongo pwony iyore aber pi gwoko, tela, nyo ngech ikom wel mee cuk amwon, cuk me cem opur, kede dul ajami mee opur ducu.