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Financial Literacy For Managers

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how the cooperative can earn, budget, spend, save and borrow for posterity
  • Understand the importance of savings
  • Be aware of the implications of taking a loan for the cooperative or members
  • Learn how to keep proper records so that coop can manage income/expenses wisely.
  • Understand how financial service providers operate, their products, and how to access such products, for example loans.

Learning Agenda

There are 16 lessons. Each lessons has a video or slideshow. It will costs you approx. 30 min to go through them. Take a quiz afterwards, that will help you remember the most important aspects of the lesson. A complete lesson will take you approx. 45 min. Good luck

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Enrolled: 2110 students
Duration: 2 hours
Lectures: 28
Video: 10 mins
Level: Intermediate