Good Governance and Leadership

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Learning Objectives

The Governance and Leadership Course will explain you more about the basic concepts of cooperatives and how they are governed.

In a series of 5 videos you will find answers to questions like:

What is good governance
How are cooperatives organized?
What is good leadership?

We will dive into all that and more.

Learning Agenda

There are 5 lessons. Each lessons has a video and a quiz afterwards to assess yourself and at the same time deepen your understanding around the topics.

Each lesson will costs you approx. 30 min.

Good luck!

lesson 1 on governance in cooperatives
15 min

Welcome to the Governance and Leadership course. Here you will learn how you can leave a legacy as a manager of a Farmer Based Organization (FBO). Build a robust foundation and grow your professional leadership skills!  

Learning objectives

After session 1:

  1. You know what a cooperative and what a Farmer Based Organisation is.
  2. You are able to motivate others to join a cooperative or other form of FBO.


  1. Watch the video (15 min)
  2. Take the quiz (30 min)

lesson 1 Quiz
4 questions
lesson 1 Forum Question
lesson 2 on good governance
15 min

In lesson 2 you will learn about the foundation of your organisation.

The video will motivate you to look at your own organisation, business or cooperative: do you know the mission, vision and values by heart? Or does it need to be updated?

Learning objectives

After session 2:

  1. You know how to build a strong foundation of your organisation
  2. You understand why transparency is important and how transparency can be increased
  3. You know what sustainability is and how you can increase the sustainability of your organisation by building a strong foundation and promoting a transparent organisational culture


  1. Watch the video (15 min)
  2. Take the quiz (30 min)
lesson 2 Quiz
7 questions
lesson 2 Forum Question
lesson 3 on leadership
15 min

In this video you will learn about different types and styles of leaders and about characteristics of a good and a bad leader.

What is a good leader to you and do you feel you are the best leader you can be?

Learning objectives

After session 3:

  1. You can recognize a good leader because you know the characteristics of a good and a bad leader
  2. You have reflected on your own leadership style.
  3. You can support young members in your organisation to become leaders


  1. Watch the video (15 min)
  2. Take the quiz (30 min)
lesson 3 Quiz
6 questions
lesson 3 Forum Question
lesson 4 on performance management
15 min

In lesson 4 you will learn about performance management. Do you speak of performance management in your organization?

Let's learn how you and your organization can benefit from performance management.

Learning objectives

After session 4:

  1. You know why and how to measure performance of your organisation
  2. You know that you can use a SWOT analysis to set goals
  3. You know that you need to develop indicators in order to measure whether you are achieving your goals
  4. You understand that by measuring you give attention to certain aspects of the business and whatever gets attention will grow


  1. Watch the video (15 min)
  2. Take the quiz (30 min)

lesson 4 Quiz
6 questions
lesson 4 Forum Question
lesson 5 on policies and strategic plans
15 min

Learn more about policies and strategies. Do you have a strategic plan? And what about policies?

Video 5 speaks of various policies and the importance of a strategic plan. Learn from good examples and get ready to build a stable foundation for your FBO. 

Learning objectives

After session 5:

  1. You will understand why a strategic plan and policies are important for the growth of a FBO.
  2. You know how and are motivated to leave a legacy as a manager of a FBO.
  3. You able to motivate members to become active members of the FBO.


  1. Watch the video (15 min)
  2. Take the quiz (30 min)
lesson 5 Examples
lesson 5 Forum Question
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Duration: 30 min per lesson
Lectures: 11
Video: each video approx. 15 min
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